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Anyone can help, as long as you have a heart for seniors and are interested in contributing your talent. No prior art experience required!

Become a Volunteer Today

Fill out this form to volunteer to teach the art medium of your choice at a Bay Area, CA senior home 


Volunteering consists of taking time to plan and lead art projects at senior centers. It requires patience, kindness, and the ability to adapt. We cater projects towards the seniors we work with, teaching elderly in the memory care unit how to create simple watercolor drops, for example, while teaching more able-bodied elderly how to construct complex paper wreaths. We require a weekly time commitment. In return, you will gain so much: empathy, leadership skills, life lessons, wisdom from the elderly, and above all, a sense of fulfillment by bringing joy and love to others through art. 

For more volunteer information, check out this flyer!

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